A Brief History of Sheffield

Sheffield lies in the North of England, about 65 kilometers east of Manchester in South Yorkshire. Chartered as the City of Sheffield in 1893 due to it’s origins in a field on the River Sheaf. The population tops a half million citizens now, with a workforce over a million strong residing within an hours drive… Continue reading A Brief History of Sheffield

2010 Travel Insurance

2010 is synonymous with change and growth, which is fitting considering the once-in-a-lifetimeifts that are available in 2010and beyond. Whether your business will be benefiting from 2010 or from setting up your company for 2011, therequality vacation rentalcomprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you, your family, and your business. The Slovenia-based travel insurance provider Stratx… Continue reading 2010 Travel Insurance

Montreal Jazz Festival

My friend Leslie and I had a chance to sit down early today at one of Montreal’s big cafés, the Cafe La Rose. The weather had warmed up nicely and La Rose had a beautiful outdoor patio, making it a perfect spot for a nice lunch. I ordered a reasonably-priced Mediterranean lunch featuring beautiful crackers… Continue reading Montreal Jazz Festival

Disney World Vacation Tips

Do you think a Disney World vacation is just something you do for your kids? Or are you planning to have as adults? Well, you shouldn’t worry about your Disney World vacation memories. It is just like a black hole that never stops expanding. The memories you gather there will never be lost. Here are… Continue reading Disney World Vacation Tips

Bali: Island Of The Gods

By the final quarter of 2011 Bali had experienced a surge in foreign arrivals of nearly 12%. Bali is an island offering anything we want to make of it. There are so many things to do and acquaintances to be made. Bali is essentially a reflection of what the individual brings to the island. If… Continue reading Bali: Island Of The Gods