2010 Travel Insurance

2010 is synonymous with change and growth, which is fitting considering the once-in-a-lifetimeifts that are available in 2010and beyond. Whether your business will be benefiting from 2010 or from setting up your company for 2011, therequality vacation rentalcomprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you, your family, and your business.

The Slovenia-based travel insurance provider Stratx has recently unveiled the results of a broad international survey of 1,500 people. Overall, and irrespective of the type of traveller, there are 23 million travellers in developing countries. With an average age of 60, the survey found that the elders are looking to travel for leisure by old standards, with an average two years ahead for travel. The survey also revealed that these travellers are looking to be covered in all situations, from business travel to tours and adventure sports such as surfing and hang-gliding.

On the other hand, the survey also revealed that those looking for the ultimate premium protection are looking for products and services to meet their exacting needs. As providers battle it out with claims costs dropping to one third of what they were five years ago, it is likely that 2010 will see the emergence of new premium travel insurance companies who will not be disappointed with the Combination Protection Plan from Summit return after Marathon trip.

The United States is a popular destination for adventure sports such as white water rafting, mountain-climbing and hang-gliding. And why not? The average age of the surfers is 30, which means that there is plenty of young adrenaline to be had. But if you don’t want to risk life and limb on the waves, there are plenty of other adventures available in the US – from horseback or ATV riding to bungee jumping.

The most popular destinations in North America will undoubtedly be Las Vegas and Orlando. Theluxury holiday resorthas locations throughout the continent, but the two main areas areLas Vegas NevadaandOrlando Florida. The Strip in Las Vegas attracts thirty five million visitors each year, so it’s easy to see why it’s the ultimate destination. The Sin City has more than 600 hotels, resorts and restaurants to keep you entertained for a whole year, two restaurants per day, and 30 activities to keep you busy all year round.

If you really want to make a holiday unforgettable, you’ll want to spend a bit of time in Orlando. The home of the famous Disney World, there are plenty of ways to spend your time – from visiting the parks with family and friends, to marveling at all the impressive rides and live shows. If you can’t guarantee that you’ll get a World Cup match or two, there are plenty of other superb golf breaks in Orlando – including discount golf clubs and superb custom golf holidays.

Golf holidays to Florida are particularly popular with British visitors. In 2006, almost 39 per cent of thelleductually booked holidays in the USA were to Florida Keys, according to forecaster industry analysts Restructuranca. In the summer months rates will rise again, so it’s best to book now. The warm dry weather and beauty of the Southern Sunshine State are a regular attraction for the British, and tourists visit Florida for a number of different reasons, including for a sense of historic adventure, to experience the intoxicating ambience of its magnificent theme parks, and to revel in the many year-round recreational opportunities the home of the most fabulous beaches on earth.

The cost of golf holidays to the USA is still the least compared to the rest of the world, which is almost a direct result of proximity – particularly for destinations such as Orlando and Miami. The main attraction here is golf, and the value of a rotary golf course is difficult to find anywhere else. Miami’s Metro Zoo is a highly recommended stop for golf fans looking for the ultimate in fun left in the palm.

For those who prefer winter to summer, the Florida keys have a long list of clubs to stay in. The Miami Golf Kea also organizes summervacation packages for wintertime skiers.

But the warm dry climate isn’t the only thing drawing the tourist to Florida. The area is renowned for its attractions, and not without reason. The KennedySpace Center is a deservedly famous attraction, but more than that, it is a one-of-a-kind museum representing the past fifty years of NASA and is definitely a must see. The Everglades are a fantastic option for wildlife lovers looking for adventure, and the Florida Aquarium lies in a central part of the state, is Florida’s answer to the Sea Life Center at Sea World. Tourists also find it hard to ignore the draw of the verdant citrus fruits in photographs taken by famed Florida artist John Allen.

In the end, the success of any vacation is largely to do with the people and the memories that are created.