Bali: Island Of The Gods

By the final quarter of 2011 Bali had experienced a surge in foreign arrivals of nearly 12%. Bali is an island offering anything we want to make of it. There are so many things to do and acquaintances to be made. Bali is essentially a reflection of what the individual brings to the island. If you play golf, you may see only the fairways and greens through the entirety of your stay.

You may be equally happy if you choose to spend your time in pampered luxury, completely impervious to the myriad of attractions the island has on offer. If your visit has purpose, to ride the surf, dive the wrecks, raft the rivers or climb the volcanoes there will be no adrenaline disappointments.

Bali is a meeting place for new acquaintances and old friends. People from all over the world have once met on Bali and somehow, the meeting places seem endless. For those who plan to travel on a holiday, Bali provides an endless list of activities to engage in. Climb the graceful hills of Kuta, kick a golf ball around the evoke and marvel at the dancing rice terraces, visit the secluded island of Nusa Dua, immortal the tale of the ancients and amaze yourself with the breathtaking panoramic views of the Kancai village.

In no areas of Bali are there things more beautiful that in whaling country, an archipelago that is surrounded by rich, fertile plains. An example of this is the Kuta region with its white sands and verdant coastline. This part of Bali is known as the Paradise of Thousand Islands. shoals of dolphins, that migrate to the oceans of Java, feed on the coral reefs in this part of the world. Gorillas, which live in the vicinity, also draw the fascinated onlooker.

Bali is also a part of Indonesia, a country rich in natural resources and activities. Since, Bali is close to the equator, it has an moderate climate. Since it was first populated by humans, Bali has undergone vast periods of transformation, seen by the arrival of what we know as the modern lifestyle.

This close proximity resulted in a mix of cultural and modern lifestyle. As a result, the face of Bali has changed drastically over the past few decades. Resort hotels, built on the beaches and harbor, have become the favorite locations for many tourists. This was made possible by the sufficient level of development that took place during the so called Asian century.

In this new development, many hotels, shopping arcades, resorts and restaurants were built, all of which contributed to the towering skyscrapers in the island. The city of Ubud in particular, became famous for its Shanging Buddha, a structure made as a contemporary recreation.

Thus, the modern lifestyle of Bali has been blended with the more traditional Eastern ways of life. This has resulted in a secure and comfortable environment for visitors and for locals alike.

Even so, in viewing the island from a different perspective, it is very difficult to overlook the presence of modern technology. Roads and transportation systems have improved, thus making it easier and cheaper to move around the island. The most convenient way of reaching Bali is by air, as there are regular direct flights from the numerous Asian and international destinations.

Still, many people in the island’s rural areas still depend on a few traditional means of transportation. This will be an obstacle to overcome, as the infrastructure of the island is still very badly developed.

Even so, it is possible to travel to many of the destinations of the island without using your own vehicle. This mode of transportation is very important for the island’s development, as it will be the main form of transport for residents for the next few decades.

If you want to explore Bali at its finest, you should take a ride on one of the island’s picturesque ferries. A trip on a traditional ferry, full of history and culture, will be an experience that will stay with you forever.

It is also possible to embark on a cruise, which will make you visit some of the cultural sites, including the notorious Bali Tomahotta. Theasyuki Tomahotta, or the sacred temple of Amun, is considered the holiest of Balinese temples. The temple was discovered in the early 1800s, and has since been declared a world heritage site.

The major attractions of Bali are its unspoiled beaches, which happen to be some of the best in the world. Many people claim that the best place to view the clear blue waters of Bali is from the town of Kuta. However, others think the smaller islands are just as beautiful.

Bali’s tourism system is slowly growing, thanks to renewed investment in the previous decade. This has made the island one of the three top tourist destinations in the world.