How To Enable Developer Mode On Galaxy S20+ Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus recently released many features, controls, security options, and some options that Google decided to hide from the general user. The good news is that developer mode can be enabled on Galaxy S20+ Plus so you can take control of many features that can be changed on the Galaxy S20 as well as the Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Developer Mode allows you access additional settings, to change settings and enable USB Debugging.

You’ll need to unlock the Developer Menu in order to become a programmer, install third-party software or ROMs, hack up your phone and play with it. It’s very simple and takes just 5-6 taps to open the developer menu.

Should Developer Mode be Enabled?

You can enable developer options on your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus and there will be no damage to the phone. Developer Mode will not show you options that Google has hidden. But those who wish to modify the device’s settings can access a few.

How do you enable Developer Mode on Galaxy S20+ Plus

First, navigate to the settings menu. To access this menu, you can slide down the notification bars and tap the same symbol in the upper right corner. After going to the settings, tap on the “About device”. (Note: You may need to tap on the Build number 6 to 7 times to unlock the developer menu. Select the back button to go back into the original base setting menu on your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. After returning to normal settings, you will see a new option just above “About device”. A tap on this will bring users to the previously hidden Developer menu. This must be turned on to fully function. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus will now have Developer Mode enabled. This means that you’ll be able to access many settings that are specifically for advanced users. These settings are only available to advanced users. This is the main advantage of unlocking your developer menu. There are several animation scale options available in the developer menu. They all start at 1x. You can reduce these to 0.5x, which will make your phone feel more responsive.

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