How To Fix Galaxy S20 Camera Issues

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus comes with a fantastic new camera. However, some customers have reported experiencing a camera failure on their devices. After normal usage, the main camera of the Galaxy S20 displays an unexpected message. ” Warning” is the message. The Samsung Galaxy S20 camera then stops working. This problem doesn’t disappear if the device has been rebooted or reset to factory settings.

Below are some ways you can fix the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus’s camera failure issue.

How to Fix a Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Issue:

  • Restart the Samsung Galaxy S20. This may fix the camera problem. Hold the “Power”, “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously for 7 seconds. After that, the phone will turn off and vibrate.
  • Open the Application manager, then go to Camera. Clear cache and data by selecting Force stop.
  • Next is to Clear the Cache Partition. This will fix the Camera Failed problem on Samsung Galaxy S20. Next, turn off the smartphone by pressing the Power, Home, Volume Up buttons simultaneously. The Android system recovery screen will appear when you release all buttons. Highlight Wipe Cache partition with Volume down key. Press the Power key for the option.

If the Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus still has a camera failure, it is recommended that you contact Samsung or the retailer and request a replacement.

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