How To Fix Slow WiFi Problem On Galaxy S20+ Plus

Some people have complained about the slow WiFi speed of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. You may experience slow WiFi speed with apps such as Facebook, Twitter Snapchat Instagram, Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat.

Others have claimed that Google Now causes the screen to get stuck on “Recognizing …””, and then it goes up with “Cannot Reach Google at the Moment.” This is caused by a weak WiFi signal which is unable to connect the Galaxy S20+ Plus smartphone to the Internet.

However, if your WiFi signal is weak and the WiFi speeds are slow, this can cause frustration. We can help fix this. Below are some quick fixes for the Galaxy S20+ Plus WiFi problem.

Galaxy S20+ Plus Slow WiFi Problems:

  • Factory Reset Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • Reconnecting with your Wifi Network after “Forgetting”.
  • Resetting Modem/Router
  • How to switch from DHCP and static connection on your phone
  • Moving DNS to Google Addresses from Phone
  • Modifying Router Bandwidth Settings
  • Changing the Broadcast Channel in the Router
  • Setting up Modem/Router Security and Disabling Security
  • Calling your ISP, and upgrading to a Higher Bandwidth/Speed

These solutions will usually solve slow WiFi issues on the Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S20+ Plus. If your Galaxy S20+ Plus WiFi still has problems, you can wipe the cache partition to fix it. This method will not erase data from the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. All data such messages, photos and videos are safe and not deleted. In the Android recovery menu, you can perform the “Wipe Cookie Partition” function.

How to fix slow WiFi on Galaxy S20+ Plus:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus: Power on
  • Hold the power, volume down and the home buttons simultaneously
  • After a few seconds the Galaxy S20+ Plus should vibrate once more and then the recovery mode will begin
  • Search for “wipe the cache partition” to get started
  • After a few moments, the process will be complete. You can now restart your Galaxy S20+ Plus using “reboot program now”

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