How to Save Money When Visiting Hong Kong

If you’re traveling to Hong Kong on business or vacation, you’ll need to know the going rate for Hong Kong traveler’s tickets, including currency conversions. Here are some ways to save money when visiting Hong Kong:

Ticket Price converter

Travelers can use the online currency rate directly from the airlines’ websites. It is important to know that the actual price for the ticket may be different from the price that you see on travel websites. The actual price will include the ticket’s taxes, fees and additional taxes such as baggage fee and port charges.

If you are traveling from a western country, you may have to exchange more money for the south Asian currency. The best way is to purchase the local currency when you arrive and bring it back to your western country before changing any money. In addition, remember that different money changed in different places may be worth different amounts. Exchange rates at the hotel change daily, not the day you have arrived.

Traveler’s checks

Traveler’s checks are a convenient way to keep up with spending Hong Kong-style. Though traveler’s checks can be exchanged at any branch of Hong Kong currency exchange, it is usually best to have the checks delivered to your home when you arrive in Hong Kong. Though expensive, it is still less expensive than using credit cards or travelers’ checks. Credit card and travelers checks can be purchased at any convenient store, money exchange is just a single click away. Once you exchange the checks, you’re done. Since all exchanges are done instantly, you don’t have to sit there for a long time to receive your new checks.

It is usually best to carry traveler’s checks instead of cash. Though cash has the same electrical properties asations in your hand, they are heavier, and therefore you can’t carry as much money with you. However,many exchange houses offer to convert your large denomination traveler’s checks into smaller denominations, which you can use in your local currency.

Daily Deals

Do you like to shop at the local markets? If so, choose from many of their large-scale discount sales. These deals are usually available two days before the date of the market. On the day of the market, you’ll find many vendors clambering for your business, and they’ll do whatever they can to sell their goods at a lower price than they are accustomed to.


Ruthential is a great way to find hidden bargains. If you know where to look, you’ll find deals on just about everything. They have a section of their website specifically for travel deals. When you visit the website, be sure to visit

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Sandals World Airways

San Francisco-based Sandals International is more than a coffee break – it’s a vacation in luxury. While this isn’t exactly the first place you think of purchasing world-class plane service, when you consider the amount of options you have for connecting in a warm, relaxing setting, it is easy to see the appeal of this particular brand of luxury. Whether you are embarking on a warm beach cruise or indulging in a ski trip in Colorado, Sandals World Airways can give you a way to enjoy your vacation on a budget.

The airline is a part ofios Fleet, a large fleet of commercial aircraft owned by International Group unbeknownst to most people. The Fleet has a directory of more than 4,000 scheduled and non-scheduled flights for you to easily compare pricing and availability. If you do have a problem getting on a flight, or if you just want to stay connected with loved ones, you have a private car service to make the airport journey. There are no frequent baggage checks to worry about with this site, so relax and enjoy your flight.


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