How To Turn OFF Shutter Sound On Galaxy S20+ Plus

The beauty of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus is the amazing new camera. Many people would like to know how to shut off the Galaxy S20’s sound. This is not a problem, as we’ll cover several methods to accomplish this. The shutter sound from your smartphone’s camera can be annoying.

It has been stated that it is illegal to disable the camera sound in the United States. According to law, cell phones equipped with digital cameras must emit a sound when taking a photo. These are instructions on how to disable the camera sound of the Galaxy S20+ or Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Use an Third-party camera app

You can disable the Galaxy S20+ Plus camera sounds by downloading a third-party application. A third party app will be able to eliminate the shutter sound made by the stock Android camera app when you take photos. Look for different apps in the Google Play Store. To see which apps don’t make a camera sound on Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Turn down or muffle the volume

You can also reduce the volume of the Galaxy S20+ Plus or simply mute the phone to turn off the camera sounds. You can do this by pressing down on the volume button on Galaxy S20+ Plus until it goes into vibrate mode. After the sound goes off on Galaxy S20+ Plus, you will not hear the shutter sound when you attempt to take a photograph.

Connecting headphones

You can also plug headphones to turn off the camera sound of Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus. You can plug headphones into your smartphone and all sound will be transmitted through the headphones to the phone.

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