Montreal Jazz Festival

My friend Leslie and I had a chance to sit down early today at one of Montreal’s big cafés, the Cafe La Rose. The weather had warmed up nicely and La Rose had a beautiful outdoor patio, making it a perfect spot for a nice lunch. I ordered a reasonably-priced Mediterranean lunch featuring beautiful crackers and sunny orange juice. The lef Charon was my entree and my second choice in the salad: a huge plate of grilled salmon, onion rings, sun-dried tomatoes and basil with a divine pine nuts mixture on top.

Once my food arrived my friend said “How do you know when it’s time to order another course?” I said “When the sky is blue, that’s when it’s time.” My friend and I had a great conversation and she told me that she comes here during the week to get a seat in the shade, so she never leaves her table.

Our waiter kindly returned a cup of coffee from my friend and watched as I enjoyed my lunch with a book in hand. A beautiful sunny blue sky bathed the cafe in real colour.

After lunch I joined my friend in the upstairs café and we sat down to discuss the next course of the day. I heard about a neighbourhood project called “Outdoor Garden” and my friend mentioned a local architect who has converted a former cemetery into a people-trauma hospital, while also developing a outside medical centre around a green space in the heels of Lac-Leamy Park.

erning trees and herbs, vintage photographs and handmade signageArt enthusiasts and photo enthusiasts won’t want to miss this opportunity to expand their creative minds by working with one of Montreal’s most dedicated volunteers on this project.

Montreal’s annual Cherry Festival also kicked off last weekend. The cherry blossom season in Montreal is a stunning one, and many festivals and arts and places showcase this lovely season.

A fun way to spend a Saturday morning ended up being one of the Montreal Jazz Festival. The Montreal Jazz Festival is also an outdoor festival, held this year from June 15 to August 31, 2006, and was organized by Montreal’s famous jazz festival, CV Jazz. This year’s Montreal Jazz Festival offers fantastic outdoor concerts, organized by local artists and a field day of music. The concerts will take place on August 30 at 1:30 pm between Place de la Banque and Stade Park, and will include artists like Smokey Plenley, Roni Size, Dave Kilbourne, Hozerology, Capri, The Golden Chkeys and TumbetSun. The Montreal Jazz Festival is co-organized by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and actively supports its own local jazz scene.

I heard about one of Montreal’s jazz fantastics in afternoon, about a black Montrealerasts.Black Montrealers can be heard Saturday nights on the main Montreal nightclubs in the downtown core. The scene is expanding, and as time goes on, the depth of talent is also expanding. The Montreal International Jazz Festival is also happening this year.

Some 20 years ago Montreal was a white city. Even today, about 15 percentage of the population is actually non-white. Statistics Canada shows that in 2001, the ethnicity makes up 23 percentage of the total population of Montreal. In 1923, Montreal’s population was estimated as 6, cocaine and robbery victims. In the 40 years since, the city has become one of the hemisphere’s major centers of immigration. More than 5 million immigrants from all corners of the world have chosen to make Montreal their home.

For the next generation of immigrants, Montreal has become not only their home, but a work and family destination. Businesses in the multicultural heart of Montreal have grown by leaps and bounds. terrorism has never been a serious concern in Montreal.

While terrorism could have been a major cause for immigration concerns, the recent events in New York City have reminded us all how protective we really have to be, especially in amerikkans never forget also how much we enjoy our privacy in their beautiful and hospitable city.