Pressure Regulator Valve: Do I need TO Have One?

Your local water company uses water pressure to deliver water through your home’s pipes. Water pressure is essential to ensure water flows properly through your home. 

The Impact of Water Pressure 

The pressure required to force water through your pipes can be measured in PSI (pound force per square inch). The water pressure will vary depending on where you live. It can also vary according to the location of your home or neighborhood. Water pressure isn’t a science. If you call your local water company, they may not be able tell you the water pressure measurement. It is well-known that temperature changes and other local conditions may affect your PSI. This is a significant fact because if your water pressure rises above 80 PSI, it can cause additional wear to your plumbing system and appliances. Your appliance warranties may be voided if the water pressure is too high in your home. 

What is a Pressure Regulator Valve (or Pressure Regulator Valve)? 

A pressure regulator valve is crucial in this situation. This valve regulates water flow in your home and reduces pressure above 60 PSI. This is the recommended rate for domestic and light commercial use. Only in the case of commercial heavy duty operations, a higher than 60 PSI water pressure is necessary. 

Are You in Need of a Pressure Regulator Valve? 

If there are no adverse effects you may be hesitant to have a professional install a pressure regulator valve in your home. Most domestic pipes can support water pressures up to 80 PSI. However, higher pressures could cause serious problems. You should also know that installing a pressure regulator valve will prevent your system from experiencing excessive wear and tear. High pressure can cause damage to pipes and fixtures, especially faucets and showerheads. The increased pressure can cause these components to fail and prompts the need for replacement. 

A pressure regulation valve will allow you to avoid the additional expense and save you the hassle of having to arrange for replacement. A pressure regulation valve can also reduce the chance of a burst pipe. High pressure can increase the likelihood of a pipe breaking, especially in winter. When the water pressure is high, frozen water expands within the pipe and can cause the pipe to burst. This can cause flooding in your home and could lead to expensive repairs. Water pressure regulation can help save water. High pressure water will result in a greater flow from your faucets. This can lead to more water being wasted, which isn’t good for the environment and increases your monthly costs.

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