St Barts – St Maarten, VIP Airport to Leeward Islands

Due to the proximity of St Barts to St Maarten, the two places are only 20 minutes away by sea. A VIP submarine from any major European harbor will take you to St Barts quickly but in person it will take much longer so that by the time you have booked your flight you will most likely already be there.

Once you are there you will find that St Barts is indeed one of the most sedate Caribbean islands of the French West Indies. Situated due east of Trinidad and Tobago, St Barts enjoys a beautiful climate where few days get over 25°C on the plain, and rain is infrequent and much of it comes in the evening (rather hurricanes rather than tropical storms). There are no mountains on St Barts apart from a few elevated remnants north of the main island of Barbados. And while the island is French in culture, English is widely spoken.

The atmosphere is one of serenity, and even on the busiest day the island can be relatively deserted. Lowland villas and resorts nestle comfortably among the many historic fortifications and beautiful beaches, while some of the better resorts have vibrant shops, restaurants and bars serving excellent food and cocktails. In addition, there are 2 large marinas well equipped for sailing or snorkelling, and where you can anchor up and disembark for local tours (costs etc not included). Windsurfing is also popular on St. Barts with regular high-energy barbecues serving up fresh seafood.

St. Barts is easily reached by air from major European cities via Air Maroc or Caribbean airlines, and smaller by plane from Antigua, Barbados or the Grenadines.

— Island hopping: since France is just 90 minutes away by air, and the other western islands are easily reached by car or boat, it is possible to visit several islands on the island – Gallichewanna, St Lamartin,erenigade, and Soufriere, being the most popular.

— Dollar tourism: apart from the usual touristy stuff, the islands are also an excellent location for housing some of the most fabulous resorts for the rich (and not so rich). When visiting the island, remember that some of the resorts will be considerably more “edgy” than others. The Cancun resort, for example, is known for its Doris Duke, an 18-hole golf course and some of the most luxurious hotels in the region.

Best known for its extravagant shopping malls, Plaza Herald de Luxor and the Gondolas of St Mark, La Amistad is also a hotspot for high end resorts. When the Mirage resorts opened in the late nineties, it was the first of the many high-end hotels to open in the region, and remains today as one of the most exclusive destinations in the Caribbean.

The island is also an amazing natural beauty. Dense forests and remarkable wildlife are just a few of the common sights you’ll see in abundance on St. Barts. The island has become a “frequent” (read very frequent) destination for weddings and honeymoons as both the exchange rate and the law allowing for it are very favourable.

The law allowing for it was enacted in 1981, a little over twenty years after the French first allowed private individuals to acquire seceded French properties, at the recommendation of President 1981,line has been gradually implemented and consistently enforced by the French authorities over time.

Just a brief glimpse of what you can experience:

The Caribbean wonders are endlesswith views of land and the ocean, St. Barts is an international treasure.

Whether you are interested in history, culture, cuisine, landscapes, or the dancing, Caribbean wonders are endless.

generosity of spirit and friendship, you’ll find them here!

Water sports abound on St. Barts with top-class facilities and choices – diving, fishing, island- hopping, boating, snorkeling and swimming are just some of the thrilling options you have to choose from.

Dining and partying are found in your closest accommodations – be it a cozy restaurant or an opulent villa.

Choose a villa with private pool, a hot tub for relaxing, a Cinema room or a submarine, octopus and all your friends aboard!

ê veritate!êventurais a stunning combination of tranquility and adventure.

A villa with Private pool, hot tub for rest and relaxation, sundeck, refrigerator, entertainment center, and dininglor with a kitchenette, is enjoyed for its seclusion, cost-efficiency and its enormous footprint within a small space.

ê veritate!êventurais enjoyed by families who don’t want the kids to disturb you.