What About the USA Railroads?

A railway holiday in the USA is a great idea, but one that’s been around for many years already and is still going strong. Only the United States of America really understands the value of what it’s (the railroads) for, they are great for jobs, great for the country, and great for the world.

Aruba is lucky to be located next to the Caribbean Sea, it makes a lot of sense due to the location and its accessibility. The transportation is excellent, the little islands are cute, and they write nice letters after sunset, (that what we were longing for) I feel that Aruba has a lot of freeway-like qualities, the traffic is a bit lighter than on other islands, it’s a great place to travel by plane or boat or car and it very friendly, the service is superb and the people are really great.

There are only two airports on the island, but there are numerous jeep tours that will take you around the island. It is very important to note that the older you get the more discount you get to travel on the island. There is also a discount when you buy a ticket from an online travel site than from a local company. We found a ticket from America’s Paradise and Travel Club for one day that was less than $USD52 including all taxes and fees, including that delightful food and the lovely leeward side of the island.

The transportation is excellent, it is a mix of the old and new ( Boeing 737s , buses, alike from Panama at Jetmobile, Costa Rica at Copair and dozens of other charter operators for boats and ground trips around the island.

Jamaica is the most visited island, but there is a lot more to really experience – it is full of culture and flowers and beaches. You can do all the nice tourist things, but then why not get away from it all and soak up the local culture. Soak in that delicious local cuisine and perhaps try the time passed by a traditional band of guanaco’s. Your American friends won’t understand the accent but they will tell you in hushed tones that it is ‘so beautiful’.

These tropical islands are paradise, even before you start planning your 2010 travel plans. Just laze on the beach or in your resort and fall under the spell that this exotic place has on offer. It takes a little bit of planning to get the best aboard though, so do your homework and make sure that it is worth the expense and time, both Pre-Departure and Once-Departure.

The-O-Of-A-Friendly-Folk- livin’, a-holes-in-the-wall, straw-paddy-otto, and other such terms get thrown around on Lonely Planet, even by those who don’t-seem-to-be-hostile enough to accept the term in a sarcasm. Visitors here are so accommodating that if you get in a cabaret full of New Age musicians, they will drive you to another place without hearing the end of it.

Tours, day visits, shopping, and horse riding (in the mountains, of course) are inexpensive, despite the exorbitant prices of some of the best restaurants. The vibrant nightlife in towns and resort centers is moderate, not loud. Lastly, there are no tip requirements in any of these destinations. With that, this place is known for being one of the best budget travel destinations in the Caribbean, along with Panama and Barbados.

So, you ask, is it worth a visit to the Bahamas? Let me tell you, if you have seen pictures, or videos of the place, then it is 99 percent likely that you will see the place a hundred times, and still don’t appreciate the beauty.

It is a testament to the beauty of the islands that thousands of visitors are still seeing the place after countless visits.

There are awesome beaches, plenty of outdoor recreation, shopping, and some of the best food on the planet.

Now, location is everything. If you require a passport to visit the Bahamas, then you require a lot more than just a passport. You need a visa.

You can save yourself a lot of stress and money by knowing to go to the Bahamas weaponized. You can request your passport, and the Nassau visa, without encountering a lot of red tape and expense involved. It makes getting there a pleasure, rather than a hassle.

It’s also important to know that you don’t have to pay to visit the Bahamas. There is no entrance fee, but there’s a $25 charge for bathrooms. Still, the amenities and stress-free days make it well worth the expense.