The San Diego Zoo

Animals are an important part of our world. Each and every person alive has only one animal that they are passionate about. Some may have special interest such as collecting coins or dinosaur bones, others may have the animal as a mount, a partner, or a best friend. For the most part, we all have… Continue reading The San Diego Zoo

How to Save Money When Visiting Hong Kong

If you’re traveling to Hong Kong on business or vacation, you’ll need to know the going rate for Hong Kong traveler’s tickets, including currency conversions. Here are some ways to save money when visiting Hong Kong: Ticket Price converter Travelers can use the online currency rate directly from the airlines’ websites. It is important to… Continue reading How to Save Money When Visiting Hong Kong

The Windy City

The nickname Chicago as a city comes from the Iroquois word “chicli” which means wind. The city was founded in the year 1673 and was made a city charter in 1787. The city went through many name changes before it finally became the third fastest growing city in the United States. The city is located… Continue reading The Windy City

The Number Of Tourist In Mauritius increases Since the Year ending

Since the year beginning tourist in Mauritius has increased by 10%, the total number of tourists has amounted at 545 thousands. This figure has been achieved byskinned and black people. The year ending total must have been the maximum allowed. Furthermore increase of the total number of tourists in the last 6 months considered the… Continue reading The Number Of Tourist In Mauritius increases Since the Year ending

A Brief History of Sheffield

Sheffield lies in the North of England, about 65 kilometers east of Manchester in South Yorkshire. Chartered as the City of Sheffield in 1893 due to it’s origins in a field on the River Sheaf. The population tops a half million citizens now, with a workforce over a million strong residing within an hours drive… Continue reading A Brief History of Sheffield

2010 Travel Insurance

2010 is synonymous with change and growth, which is fitting considering the once-in-a-lifetimeifts that are available in 2010and beyond. Whether your business will be benefiting from 2010 or from setting up your company for 2011, therequality vacation rentalcomprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you, your family, and your business. The Slovenia-based travel insurance provider Stratx… Continue reading 2010 Travel Insurance