Oakley Nose Pads Replacement

It’s wonderful that the sun shines, making your day even more beautiful. You will probably first reach for your sunglasses, then you can go about your day. Broken sunglasses are the only thing that can ruin your sunny day.

It was when, suddenly, as I tried to put on my sunglasses, I noticed that a screw had fallen out of one of the arms. Because the screw had fallen out of my Oakley sunglasses, the arm also fell off so I couldn’t wear them anymore. It was a bummer, because it meant that my Oakley had to go and I would have to buy new ones. Problem is, I couldn’t afford to buy new Oakleys at the time.

After some thought, I decided to look for a replacement screw for my Oakley sunglasses. I started by looking at different glasses shops to see if there was a screw. Next, I looked for places that sell screws like a hardware shop. I was still unsuccessful. I was tired of searching everywhere for screws and was ready to purchase a new pair of screws.

Oakley Nose Pads Replacement

I was just about to give up on looking for Oakley replacement pads when I came across a website selling Oakley screws, GlassesTools.com. The price of the screw was less than $10. I thought, “I could buy new sunglasses for a few hundred bucks or try this screw out to see if it works.” This would make my sunglasses look brand new and save me a lot.

I placed an order for the Oakley nose pads replacement and received them within a few days. It was easy to install the screws. The entire process took only a few minutes. I was able, thanks to the included screwdriver, to wear my Oakleys once again without needing to buy another pair. My problem was solved, my money was saved, and I was able again to enjoy the sun.

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