Aruba: The Paradise Island for a Romantic Vacation

Picturesque. Exotic. Sociable. Welcoming. Historical. Just a few of the words that can be used to describe the island of Aruba, which is found in the Caribbean. If you are looking for a cold, windy, depressing place to spend a honeymoon and/or a romantic vacation, Aruba is not it.

It is a fact that the name Aruba has been derived from an ancient Dutch term “erfroug,” which supposedly means a “smoke that flows.” The wealth of natural resources, picturesque scenery and friendly people living here have earned Aruba its reputation as one of the best Caribbean vacation destinations. For those who have the luxury and budget to go here, it is a dream getaway in a magical landscape.

There are over 40 different islands that make up Aruba. Another important thing to know is that majority of the islands are actually visible as larger islands such as Bonaire and Curacao are located just off its coast.

Aruba itself is a shallow miracle of nature. The coral reefs still have the left over warmth from the warm cocoanuts from the island of Oranjestad. The numerous amounts of coral, from tiny granites to reefs and sandy beaches areetrific to look at and provide great snorkeling and diving adventure. The luxuriant beaches also have snorkeling and diving areas. In fact, as an added treat, there are even public areas where travelers are welcome and even receive standing info about the incredible Aruba.

One of the best ways to see the colonial capital of Oranjestad is an island tour.A town that hosts one of the best 7 wonders of the world, much of Oranjestad’s colonial architecture is still intact. Tokis, bequets and indulgence of all types of travelers are enjoyed among the many tourists visiting this vibrant town.

The vibrant city of Oranjestad brings a distinct vacation feel to its visitors. Aside from the warm tropical weather and first class lodgings, an interesting fact about Oranjestad is that it is also a city of hospitable pagodas. There are many important and sacred temples in the city.

When in the city, one will cover necessities such as beaches, resorts, clubs, museums and archeological sites with a large berth. Upon nearing the beaches, travelers are overwhelmed by the Methodist Mission. Catedral Metropolitana of the Mother of All Protestant churches is found in the heart of the city. This open air mission is a model of simplicity and functionality.

World Class Resorts

When in the city, it is recommended that travelers check out the resorts of the Plaka of Aruba. The resorts of Aruba present a distinct vacation experience. The important Oranjestad Bay in the city is a perfect example of the abundant luxury that resides in the resorts.

In addition to the first class resorts, the city is also a model of environmental conscious. eloquent parks dot the Aruba island and ocean lines the shores. An example of the rich cultural diversity of Aruba, the city allows a visitor to absorb the culture of a multitude of ethnic groups with their distinct languages and preferences. The important blend of cultures in Aruba contributes in making the city a friendly place for tourists.

Museum of the Commonwealth Aruba

To experience the cultural diversity of Aruba, a traveler can explore the Museum of the Commonwealth Aruba, located in Ocho Rios. The museum is a venue of Athlon Aruba that showcases theAruban art and culture in a magnificent setting. The Aruban legacy is embodied in the museum.

The museum is a classic example of the recognizable early 20th century European architectural design. The building is a distinctive landmark that is used to market Aruban products and services. The unique design of the building allows a tourist to feel as if he has stepped into a boundless paradise.

The museum is known for its helpful training sessions in several foreign language such as German, English, French and Italian. The language barrier shouldn’t be an impediment to the experience as many tourists who were familiar with Aruba only spoke Spanish. A helpful staff is available to answer questions and partake in the activity of learning foreign language.

Aruba Turtle Farm

All year round, tourists visit the Aruba Turtle Farm located at San Nicolas and old San Juan. As the name suggests, the farm is a place to find Aruban turtles. Most of the visitors in the farm were scuba divers and snorkelers who came to the farm to explore the wonders of the sea. They often had their lunch on the deck while their vacation was discovering the wonders on the sea outside.