How To Enable Galaxy S20 Developer Options

Samsung just released the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus, which has many amazing features, security, settings, and other options that Google chose to hide from the common user. Users can control hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus by turning on and enabling developer options. Developer Options can be used to access additional settings or change settings. Users will also need to enable USB debugging in settings.

It takes only 5-6 taps to activate developer options on the Galaxy S20+ Plus. Below is a guide to how to turn on Developer Options for the Galaxy S20.

Enable Developer Options on Galaxy S20

First, navigate to the settings menu. To get to the settings menu, slide down the notification bars and tap the same gear-shaped icon at the top right of your display. Once you have reached the settings, click on “About device”, and then choose the “Build Number”. You will be prompted to tap again to confirm. After selecting the back button, go back into the original base setting menu on your Samsung Galaxy S20. The new option will appear above the “About Device” menu after you go back to the normal settings.

Developer options is directly above the About setting. A tap will take users to the previously hidden menu.

After activating Developer Options on the Samsung Galaxy S20 (or any other device), you’ll be able see settings that cater to advanced users. Unlocking the developer options has the advantage of allowing advanced users to access settings that aren’t readily available to them. There are several animation scale options available in the developer options. They can all be set at 1x. You can reduce these to 0.5x, which will make your phone feel more responsive.

Should I Allow Developer Options?

You can enable developer options on your Samsung Galaxy S20 and there will be no damage to the phone. Developer Options will only display options that Google has made hidden. But those who wish to modify the device will have to access a few settings.

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