Water Coming Out of Air Gap: Guide On How To Fix

Did you ever run your dishwasher only to find that water was leaking from your air gap onto your floor, kitchen countertops, and even the floor? You might be wondering what the strange-looking protrusion next to your faucet is. This is called the air gap and it prevents wastewater from backing up in the dishwasher. If the air gap isn’t working properly or the sink has become blocked, this can lead to a backup. Without an air gap, dirty water can get into your dishwasher. This will make it unsafe for you to use and leave dishes unclean. Let’s look at the air gap and what it does. If there is no drainage hose, dirty water could get into the dishwasher, making it unsafe to use. The drain is also known as the dishwasher branch tailpiece woe. It is necessary to keep sewage and drain water out of the dishwasher. The wastewater could contain microbes that can get on your dishes. The bacteria in the wastewater can get onto your dishes, making them unsafe to use. 

This may not be enough as the amount of food and debris that is expelled during washing can easily cause it to become stuck. This is why dishwasher manufacturers have created an air gap drain hose. This provides extra protection against backflow. Experts recommend that dishwasher users use an “air gap”. The dishwasher hose connects to the input on the air gap. The water is expelled from the end. Gravity pulls the water down into a hose and it is then carried to the garbage disposal unit. To prevent dirty water from getting back into your dishwasher, the gap between the water and the hose is filled with air. The air gap can become clogged with food particles over time. This will stop water from flowing. The knockout plug may not be removed from the water supply line input after a new garbage disposal has been installed. These two issues can be fixed easily if you are able to use simple tools and basic DIY skills.

The most common reason for an air gap clog, is failure to remove the knockout plug. The water line connecting to the garbage disposal unit has become blocked. Water cannot flow from the dishwasher to the unit to the drain. Locate the water supply line, disconnect it from the garbage disposal unit and then tap the water input with a hammer. The knockout plug should pop open. Turn off the disposal, then use a pair long nose pliers and reach into the unit to remove it. Reattach the water line and turn off the disposal. It works well to use a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll. 

You can simply place the tube over the hole, and then blow as hard as you can to loosen the material that is causing the blockage. You can do this several times. If it fails, you can use a dry/wet vacuum or a long-handled brush to remove the clog. Use a dry/wet vacuum to cover the air gap. Turn the unit on, and let it run for about a minute. The vacuum should have enough time to remove any debris. You can also use a bottle brush to clean the area. Simply extend the brush into the air gap, and then twist the brush gently until the resistance is gone. You can then remove any debris from the line leading to the garbage disposal unit.


Check the attached hoses

Sometimes there may be twists or kinks in the hoses which can block the flow of water. The hose should not be too long and the connectors should not be put under strain. If you are using a high loop air gap, the hose should reach the top of the counter. You can easily remove the hoses and trim them down to their proper size. This will prevent any kinks or sagging from developing in the drain or disposal. This will prevent debris from getting stuck in the hose and causing a blockage. It is a good idea to choose higher quality rubber hoses over the corrugated plastic ones. The corrugated sections can become clogged with debris, which can lead to blockages. Many homeowners feel that an air gap is unnecessary since they already have high loop systems and check valves. This is partly due to the air gap’s aesthetic appeal in a high-end kitchen. Although an air gap is not the most beautiful plumbing fixture in your house, it serves a vital purpose. There are many options for air gaps on the market, and they come in a variety of styles and finishes, so it shouldn’t take too much effort to find one that suits your kitchen. 

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